Papilio Prep School (4-5 years)

Child looking through magnifying glass at bugs with child care educator

The Best Start in Early Education

Your child deserves the best start in early education. Our research-based approach captures the opportunities only found in a child’s first five years, when they are forming their self-identity and developing their attitudes towards learning.

The Papilio Prep program is designed in line with the Early Years Learning Framework and approved preschool curriculum. Our dedicated school readiness classrooms are run by qualified primary school teachers, assisted by passionate educators who are dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential now and in the future.

Our weekly programs build vital awareness of mathematic and literary concepts, to ensure each child develops academically, while also taking into account their emotional, social and physical well-being at every age.

We combine play-based learning with intentional teaching, to fully develop children’s confidence and abilities, and to make the most of their individual interests.


Our 5-day Prep School curriculum includes:

  • Daily workbook time (homework option if requested)
  • iPad tech stations offering Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programs (free for enrolled families)
  • Creative art stations
  • Science sessions
  • Math exploration
  • Literacy development including handwriting and reading
Every week, our Papilio Prep School children enjoy a variety of incursions which round out their social, emotional and physical development including:
  • Yoga and relaxation session
  • Soccer and fitness program
  • Nutritional cooking class
  • Gardening and sustainability

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