What’s Provided

What's Provided

Infant Daycare
Infant Daycare
Early Years Childcare
Early Years Childcare
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Vacation Care
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Outside School Hours Care
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Health and Nutrition

Our centre promotes healthy eating and our team consults with families about the nutritional needs and cultural preferences for their child/ren. We provide regular snack and mealtimes in the daily schedule and we are more than happy to consider individual needs for food and drink. Parents of babies and toddlers are supplied with details of the food their child has eaten. Every effort is made to ensure that we keep nuts out of our centre to assist in protecting children from allergic reactions.

When children gather together to eat and drink, a fantastic opportunity is created for social interaction and language development. Our educators create an atmosphere that is relaxed and home-like by setting tables (flowers, tablecloths), playing background music and assisting children with self-help and hygiene skills.

We know how essential it is for the children to remain hydrated, especially when the weather is hot, and so water is always available and we proactively encourage the children to drink regularly.


We provide a balanced and relaxed learning environment where children are given the opportunity to develop a healthy and positive self-esteem through playing and learning at their own pace.

To meet the individual needs of the children attending, our centre provides learning experiences and activities promoting the following areas of development:

  • Physical Development - including experiences in gross motor movement, as well as opportunities to refine small motor skills such as drawing, writing, threading and cutting.
  • Cognitive Development - including activities that focus on number, problem solving, sequencing and concept development.
  • Language Development - through experiences with a variety of texts as well as group stories and individual news times, this includes a Korean based school readiness program as well as a mainstream school readiness program.
  • Social & Emotional Development - including opportunities to role play, share, develop independence and turn take in a variety of settings.

We encourage children to be inquisitive and to learn about themselves and the world around them. We provide extracurricular activities which incorporate the local community and each family to share these beautiful learning experiences. We are a multicultural centre and we value greatly the contribution from parents in sharing their knowledge, background and traditions from different cultures to promote diversity.

Children with Additional Needs

We welcome all children with a wide variety of abilities, backgrounds or needs. If your child requires extra medical, emotional or learning support, we will tailor our care for them and work closely with you to ensure they have a smooth transition into our centre. This includes seeking support from other networks or professionals to bridge any gaps in our service delivery.

Some of the additional needs and support which can be provided at our centre include but are not limited to:

  • English as a second language
  • Autism spectrum
  • Dyslexia
  • Physical disabilities
  • Minor or serious medical conditions
  • Emotional issues

Our team cultivates a warm atmosphere of inclusion through continuous improvement and open communication. We are confident that your child will benefit from our dedicated approach to care and education.

Please speak to our staff about your child’s individual needs and how we can accommodate them.

Together we can create a plan to help them reach their full potential.

Child Safety & Welfare

All aspects of our operations are in line with the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework. This includes our Health and Safety policy. All educators follow our health and safety policies and procedures and have access to these online.

We understand that leaving your child in someone else’s care is a difficult thing to do. We assure you that safety is our top priority and our educators follow safety practices every day.

At all times, we ensure that our centre is secure and free of hazards, both inside and out. Fire drills and UV checks are a regular part of our informed approach to safety. We emphasise safety education by creating an atmosphere of safety awareness in all aspects of the day. You will see visual safety guides around our centre, such as our sun smart posters. These tools support our lessons about safety, which we discuss as part of the curriculum. We take every opportunity to act as role models, pointing out tripping or slipping hazards and putting hats and sunscreen on for outdoor play. We talk about stranger danger so that children can build awareness and can freely talk to us if they are scared or worried. We aim to teach children to think about their own safety habitually too.